“Spring” Into The Best Season For Renovations

For many, the Winter season creates the perfect environment to encourage spending more time indoors.  During this time, we often notice a home project or two that we wish we could start right away.  Instead, we usually have to wait for the snow to clear and for the warmer weather to emerge.  While this wait may be a tad difficult, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Here are the reasons why Spring is the perfect time to tackle renovations.

Better Weather Conditions

Let’s first address the most obvious advantage of renovating in the Spring; the improved weather, of course!  Needless to say, it’s not impossible to renovate during the Winter or Summer.  However, doing so adds quite a few more things to the list of things to consider. 

For example, there may be delays in receiving the materials needed throughout the winter months.  On top of this, there are greater chances for these materials to get damaged during transportation in the winter. 

Yes, the Summer offers more hours of daylight. However, this can also hinder the process of renovating due to the possible heat. The Springtime offers milder weather without it being too hot. It also offers an ample amount of time to get the project(s) finished before the Summer hosting season begins.  

Depending on your location, you may feel hesitant due to the threat of “April showers” passes. Even with a bit of such precipitation, it is still a much better alternative to snow-filled days and most companies are prepared for such weather conditions.  

Scheduling Options

If you wait until the Summer to begin your renovations, there are greater odds of your projects being postponed or rescheduled.  Summertime is an incredibly busy season for contractors. It’s normal for there to be an unexpected issue or two that arise during their other projects.  Even the most organized and diligent workers can be met with surprises!

To minimize the odds of this happening, it is best to book the companies and services you need earlier in the year.  This ensures that while others are spending their Summer months handling their renovations, you can sit back and relax while enjoying the fruits of your labor.  On the off-chance that something needs to be altered after the renovation, this can be done with plenty of time to spare before any Summer gatherings are planned.

Less Disruptive

Every home, individual, and family are different.  However, Spring is usually a great time of year to get home renovations done due to the sparsity of celebrations.  While a couple of holidays may be celebrated at this time, it is usually not as busy of a season as the months of October to February.

Get-togethers are usually in full swing during the Winter and Summer. No one wants to miss out on hosting a special occasion simply due to renovations!  By finishing projects during the Spring, you can be confident that you’ll be hosting the best get-togethers of the Summer. 

End-of-Season Sales

Lastly, renovations can be quite a financial investment regardless of the time of year.  However, certain companies know that many people wish to use the Summer climate to their advantage.  Therefore, they may increase the price of their goods and services to have as lucrative of a season as possible.   

This can easily be avoided by having renovations done during the Spring!  At the end of the Winter season, many showrooms offer “end of season” sales. These can add up to quite a few savings.  With this being said, take the time to plan the renovations during the winter! Then, you can be prepared to order the proper materials at a lower cost once Spring arrives.  

We Can Help!

Make Spring 2024 the season of change by calling TD Reno for your renovation needs today.  Doing so will ensure that we will be on track to having your kitchen, bathroom, and/or basement project completed in time for the prime Summer months. 

Servicing the general metropolitan areas of Montreal and the West Island since 2011, the team at TD Reno has the skill and knowledge needed to achieve the dreams you have for your home.  Call us at 514-585-3506 or email us at info@tdreno.com for more information.  You may also contact us directly on our official website, here.

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